Discover the highlighted projects of Iglessias, explained in detail. Here, we delve into the creative process, inspirations, and unique techniques that bring each work to life, revealing the magic and complexity of quantum physics in every piece.

In-Depth Projects


The Quantum Gaze

""The Quantum Gaze" represents a spiritual and visual odyssey, a deliberate co-creation of synchronicities achieved through the programming of my subconscious via hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Each mosaic, a constituent of the series entitled "Eyes of the Divinity," is meticulously crafted from thousands of photographs that capture these extraordinary synchronicities.

These compositions transcend a mere assemblage of images; they serve as a tangible manifestation of the philosophical concept that the observer is the architect of reality.

The numerical patterns discerned on the number plates of automobiles, which serendipitously crossed my path, are not mere coincidences. Rather, they are cosmic signifiers that have materialised in my life through a profound resonance with the universe.

Before immersing oneself in each individual work, I cordially invite you to peruse the original photographs and the detailed zooms that unveil the intricate splendour of these mosaics. Herein, each detail constitutes a microcosm, each colour evokes an emotion, and each number harbours a mystery. This journey is not merely visual; it is a soulful pilgrimage into the unfathomable, where each step taken is an act of co-creation with the cosmos and a testament to the transformative power of the observer in shaping reality.




On a day steeped in magic, serendipity guided me to the heart of the Irati forest, a green sanctuary where the veil between worlds is thin. A wooden sign marked with the enigmatic number five crossed my path, serving as a cosmic omen. Further ahead, the sight of fallen trees, silently stacked, beckoned me to capture their essence through my lens.

Upon returning, a current of intuition flowed through me. The images were more than mere photographs; they were echoes of a hidden message, a cry from nature itself. Thus, my artistic installation was born, not merely as a work of art, but as a spiritual portal amplifying the desperate whispers of Mother Earth.

What initiated as a pilgrimage in pursuit of inspiration morphed into a divine revelation, a call to heed the silenced voices of nature and to act as their megaphone in this world.



In a moment of deep introspection, I resolved to embark on a journey of co-creation, utilizing the technique of The Secret. It was not merely an act of writing or drawing; it was a programming of the subconscious, a sacred rite to bring into reality what my soul yearned for. With strokes of paint and words, I crafted the vision of a female dog that would be more than a pet; she would be a reflection of my inner self. I envisioned her black and white fur, her spots that, in certain positions, would take the shape of hearts. I visualized her character, her essence, as if I could already feel her presence beside me.

The months drifted by like leaves in the wind, yet the seed of my intention was already sown in the fertile ground of the Universe. And then, guided by an instinct older than time itself, I encountered her. There she was, in flesh and bone, with every spot and every character trait I had imagined. It was as if the Universe itself had woven this meeting into the tapestry of fate.

My female dog was not just a wish come true; it was a confirmation that we are co-creators of our reality, capable of manifesting miracles when our hearts and minds work in harmony. This encounter transformed into a living testimony of the magic that occurs when we align our inner beings with the cosmic forces, a reminder that every thought, every intention, is a brushstroke on the infinite canvas of our life



"Welcome to my artistic cosmos, where each photograph stands as a testament to a marvelous phenomenon that I have nurtured and harnessed: synchronicity. I am honored to unveil "Intangible Signs," a collection wherein each image transcends being a mere photograph of an automobile; it serves as a conduit to a profound and personal journey I have embarked upon, a journey deeply intertwined with the cosmos.

Throughout this pilgrimage, I have employed Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnosis to fine-tune my subconscious to the numerical patterns that astonishingly unveil themselves in the license plates of the automobiles I have serendipitously encountered. This endeavor, which one might liken to a quantum experiment, has facilitated my exploration and manifestation of synchronicity in my quotidian reality.

Each image you are about to witness not only unveils an automobile and its distinctive license plate but beckons you to delve into a narrative of mysterious and meaningful connections, birthed from a profound resonance with the universe. It is an open invitation to ponder, through my lens, the enchantment found in the simplest of details and the beauty inherent in seemingly fortuitous coincidences.

I cordially invite you to join me on this visual sojourn, to embrace the potentiality that each moment of synchronicity in your own life is a testament to a grander connection, a harmonious ballet between our consciousness and the encompassing universe.

It is my aspiration that, as you traverse this collection, you find yourself inspired and perhaps, commence to discern the subtle instances of synchronicity in your own existence. Welcome to this sanctuary of reflection and wonder, where each photograph extends an invitation to appreciate the unfathomable wisdom of the cosmos manifested in the most quotidian details.



 Welcome to a luminous and profound journey through my photographic art series "TRANTRA AZUL" a visual exploration that commenced in the year 2005 and has involved collaboration with 11 marvelous women and myself, in a dance of light and shadow seeking to symbolically represent the subconscious of each of our souls.

In this series, I have employed the technique of "Light Painting," a methodology wherein, in an altered state of consciousness, I use a lighting device to selectively illuminate a scene or object during a prolonged photographic exposure. The outcome is a collection of images that not only physically illuminate but strive to shed light on the depths of the human soul, unveiling aspects often concealed in the darkness of the subconscious.

Each photograph is a love letter, a visual confession that joins others to form a grand declaration of love composed of the titles of the 50 works that constitute this series. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in a surreal and magical experience, where light becomes the brush that breathes life into the deepest and most mysterious corners of our psyche.

As you explore each image, I invite you to open yourself to the emotions and symbolisms that emerge from the interplay between light and darkness, between the known and the unknown. It is an opportunity to connect with profound aspects of your own being, through the visual representation of the portrayed soul's subconscious.

I hope that as you traverse this gallery, you feel the passion and love I have infused into each piece, and that each image speaks to you in a unique and personal way, inviting you to deep reflection and an appreciation of the beauty residing in the depths of the human soul.

I invite you to delve into this world of light and shadow, of love and connection, and to allow yourself to be carried away by the magic of "Light Painting," a technique that transcends photography, reaching the realms of the sublime and the transcendental. Welcome to this space of exploration and discovery, where each work is a love letter, a window to the soul, and an invitation to profound reflection.



Welcome to "London Soul," a photographic series birthed from an initiatory journey that delineated a before and after in my personal and artistic trajectory. In the year 2006, I embarked on a voyage to London, an expedition that entailed not merely discovering the nooks and crannies of a city but also a profound encounter with myself, accompanied by my friend Juan and my son Alejandro.

London metamorphosed into more than a destination; it became a mirror reflecting my deepest fears, my paranoias, and the arrogance I carried with me. Each street, each corner of that vibrant city, resonated with facets of myself that were ripe for transformation.

Through my lens, I captured moments that mirrored not only the external reality but also my internal state during that transitional period. "London Soul" is a raw and unfiltered representation of that self in the process of bidding farewell, of shedding a skin that no longer served.

Each image in this series is a window to that juncture in my life, a capture of the emotions and realities present in my journey of personal transformation. It is an invitation to explore not only the streets of London but also the internal pathways I traversed, the fears I confronted, and the barriers I shattered.

In sharing "London Soul" with you, I invite you on a journey through a London that transcends its architecture and history; a London that became the canvas of my transformation, the backdrop for a personal rebirth.

I invite you to immerse yourself in this visual experience, to connect with each image and find resonances with your own processes of transformation and growth. I hope that as you explore "London Soul," you find inspiration and fortitude to face your own fears and embark on your own path of renewal and personal discovery. Welcome to this journey of introspection and liberation through photographic art.



"Welcome to an experience that transcends the visual to delve into a dimension where the senses and consciousness expand, giving rise to a three-dimensional and enriched perception of reality. I introduce you to my most recent photographic series, born from an introspective walk from my home to the iconic Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

On that day, my state of consciousness was altered, immersed in a deep meditation induced by a Buddhist mantra that resonated in my ears through headphones, accompanying me throughout the morning. This mantra not only guided my steps but also fine-tuned my perception, allowing me to see and feel beyond the obvious.

Upon arriving at the museum, I encountered the works of Richard Hamilton, a meeting that transformed into a multisensory experience, where each piece acquired a new dimension, a depth that went beyond its physical representation. But not only the artworks, even the people visiting the museum became part of this three-dimensional dance, enriching the experience with their presence and their interaction with the surroundings and the pieces.

Each photograph in this series is a testimony to that expanded state of consciousness, a capture of moments where art and spectators merge, creating a richer, deeper, and astonishingly three-dimensional reality. It is an invitation to see through my eyes, to experience the museum and its works from a transformed perspective, where every detail gains new life and depth.

I invite you to immerse yourself in this unique experience, to explore each image and to allow yourself to feel the resonance of that Buddhist mantra that guided my perception, offering a renewed and profound vision of reality. I hope that, as you explore this series, you can feel the depth and three-dimensionality that I experienced on that meditative walk, and that each image invites you to deep and enriching reflection.

Welcome to this journey of expanded perception, where art and consciousness meet to offer a unique and transcendental experience.



Welcome to a journey through one of the most significant and resonant moments of my creative and spiritual trajectory. I present to you a retrospective that not only captures an event but a movement that was born from a spark in my subconscious and that, with the collaboration of Ignaci PNL and the magician J.J., materialized into an echo that resonated not only in Madrid but beyond its borders, reaching an international echo.

In the year 2011, amidst a deep connection with my subconscious, a vision emerged, a creation that took physical form in the 15-M settlement at Puerta del Sol. What started as an idea, as a seed planted in the fertile ground of collective consciousness, soon became an unstoppable movement that gathered hundreds of people in an act of protest and unity.

Each image in this series is a testimony to that powerful moment of synergy and collective awakening. It is an invitation to explore the strength of an idea born from the subconscious, which had the power to mobilize masses, to resonate with the longings and frustrations of many people, and to create a space for expression and transformation.

Through this retrospective, I invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and revolutionary energy of those days, to feel the potency of a movement that transcended borders, uniting voices in a common cry for change and justice. It is an opportunity to reflect on the power of the subconscious, on how an idea, when fueled by passion and unity, can grow to become a phenomenon that transcends borders and touches the deepest fibers of society.

I hope that, as you explore this series, you can feel the resonance of that historic moment, a time when we demonstrated that, together, we can create waves of change that expand far beyond what we could imagine. I invite you to join this retrospective journey, to connect with the energy and spirit of a movement that showed the world the power of unity and the strength of an idea born from the subconscious."