About Iglessias: The Intersection of Quantum Art Photography and Spirituality by Carlos Bernal Iglesias

Carlos Bernal Iglesias, a leading Spanish multimedia artist and conceptual photographer, has woven an exceptional trajectory from humble beginnings, self-taught in 1984. His work, which delves into the boundaries of reality and perception, has resonated internationally in galleries in New York, Madrid, Barcelona and Hamburg, as well as at distinguished art fairs such as the Miami River Art Fair, bestowing him with notable awards, including the Gold Star for Professional Excellence.

Carlos, who began his journey in 1982 with photography, has evolved from professional photographer in renowned agencies to exploring avant-garde territories such as quantum art. After a hiatus in 1999, he returned to the advertising field with his own style, standing out in 2005 with notable projects, such as the header photo for the Hispanic-American Summit in Salamanca, a campaign for Jazztel and the Antolin automobile group.

His work transcends mere visual aesthetics, carrying with it a spiritual message of self-knowledge. By exploring themes such as subconscious programming and creative manifestation, Carlos invites viewers to go beyond conventional reality, connecting with other dimensions. His artistic statement reflects this philosophy: "Reality is a projection of our subconscious and my art is based on the fact that we can program that subconscious and see it in reality."

Carlos has also made his mark in the publishing world, with several photobooks in the permanent collection of the Photo-Book Museum in Cologne, Germany. His prolific creativity continues, sharing a unique perspective on the flexible nature of reality and conveying a spiritual message and inner knowing through his art.



Self-taught 1984 - present.


"Intangible signs" Rosario de Acuña Sociocultural Center, Madrid.

Autumn Salon, Latina Sociocultural center, Madrid.


Maison de Eros, DeArte Foundation, Medinaceli. "Erotic Collective",

Open Cultural Space, Madrid.

"Art unites us with hope" International Prism, Chile.

Uninhabited spaces occupied places, DeArte Foundation, Medinaceli.

Charity exhibition, Zaballos Foundation, Riojano Center, Madrid.

Collective "For the love of art", Sara Montiel Cultural Center, Madrid.

Collective "For the love of art", Lope de Vega Cultural Center, Madrid.

Beauty seekers, Luis Rosales Regional Public Library, Madrid.

Beauty seekers, Almirante Churruca socio-cultural center, Madrid.

Zaballos Foundation awards, Intercontinental Hotel, Madrid.


Collective "For the love of art", Rosario de Acuña socio-cultural center, Madrid.

Collective "For the love of art", José Luis San Pedro Cultural Center, Madrid.

The human body male or female, Sky Gallery, Barcelona.


Winter Salon, El Greco socio-cultural center, Madrid.


Autumn Salon, Latina socio-cultural center, Madrid.


Eka & Moor Gallery,

Madrid.2011 Survival Art5 Gallery, Madrid.

2010 Art5 Gallery, Madrid. Artist's Workshop, Sabadell.

2009 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York.

2008 Altered states of reality, Agora Gallery, New York.

2007 Marizart International, Hamburg.

2006 Global Art Gallery, Barcelona. Pia Almoina Museum, Barcelona.


First Prize in Digital Art IV International Prism Contest, 2022.

Golden Star of Professional Excellence 2018.

Gold Medal of the Spanish Association of Image Professionals 2018.


Jury member of fashion Lux Awards 2006 Photography Spanish Association of Professional Photographers.AFPE.

Speaker at the Rey Juan Carlos University. I. Advertising photographer 2nd Advertising Conferences of the Rey Juan Carlos University I.


2022 Miami River Art Fair, USA.

2015 Jáál Photo 2015, Madrid.


Angela di Bello director of Agora Gallery, New York.

Ruthie Tucher director of Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York.

Miquel Tugores director of DEARTE Foundation, Medinaceli.

Emilia Zaballos president of the Zaballos Foundation, Madrid.


Photobook "intangible signs" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.

Photobook "Nora" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.

Photobook "5" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.

Photobook "15M" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.

Photobook "Quantum Museum" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.

Photobook "London Soul" PHOTOBOOKMUSEUM of Cologne.