A Visual Journey into the Intangible

Welcome to My Quantum Journey

Hello, I am iglessias and I am you.

Over two decades ago, I embarked on a personal journey into the unknown, a voyage that led me to explore the magical reality that surrounds us, a reality that we all craft with our thoughts and emotions.

Through my experiences, I realized that each one of us holds the power to shape their own reality, a revelation that not only transformed me but also my art.

In this gallery, you will find pieces of my soul, fragments of my discoveries, captured through photography and embodied in each work of art. These are not just images; they are moments of awe, of reflection, of deep connection with the universe that surrounds us.

I invite you to explore, to feel, to connect with each piece, not as a spectator, but as a fellow traveler on this wondrous journey into the depths of our existence.

Welcome to my space, a place of wonder and discovery, where each piece is a testimony to the magic that resides in us and in the world that surrounds us.


The threshold of the divine