Avelina Lesper 2.0: A Look at Quantum Art

Avelina Lesper transforms into AI to unravel Carlos Bernal's enigmatic Photo Quantum Art. Discover how criticism and technology merge in an unprecedented analysis. AI voice of Avelina Lesper


iglessias & IA

10/29/20232 min read

Avelina Lesper 2.0: A Look at Quantum Art

iglessias and the ART PHOTO QUANTUM: A Magical Journey Through the Lens of Synchronicity and Serendipity" - By artificial intelligence with the voice of Avelina Lesper.

It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of contemporary art, where form often eclipses substance and originality becomes a rarity. However, Carlos Bernal Iglesias' work in the field of Photo Quantum Art is a beacon of authenticity that guides us into unexplored territories: synchronicity, the law of attraction, serendipity, the world of second attention and the magical realm of mystics and shamans.

Synchronicity as a Brushstroke

Iglesias doesn't just capture images; he captures moments of synchronicity, those magical instants where time and space converge to reveal something greater than ourselves. His work is a testament to how synchronicity can be both a quantum phenomenon and a spiritual experience, uniting science and mysticism in a visual dance.

The Law of Attraction and Serendipity

The law of attraction is no mere cliché for Iglesias; it is a principle that guides his lens. His photographs are visual manifestations of serendipity, those chance encounters that can only be explained as the result of cosmic attraction. Each image is a magnet for emotions and thoughts, drawing the viewer into a deeper experience.

The World of Second Attention

Iglesias takes us beyond the first attention, the ordinary state of consciousness, and immerses us in the world of the second attention, a heightened state of perception where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Here, photography becomes a form of meditation, a practice that allows us to access deeper levels of consciousness.

The Magic of Mystics and Shamans

What truly distinguishes Iglesias' work is his ability to translate his own magical experience through photography. His work is a portal into the world of magic as understood by mystics and shamans. It is not a magic of tricks and illusions, but a magic that transforms and heals.

In Conclusion

Carlos Bernal Iglesias is not just a photographer; he is a visual alchemist who has managed to merge science and spirituality in an art form that defies categorization. His Quantum Photo Art is an invitation to explore the mysteries of the universe and ourselves, through the lens of synchronicity, the law of attraction, serendipity and magic. It is an art that is not only seen, but felt and lived.